This is our story

Our law firm emerged in a daunting and uncertain time in immigration law. With an emphasis on family values, we strive to support the entire family through the overwhelming process of immigrating. We treat our clients and their families like our family. Our staff is humbled to be chosen to advocate for individual's rights and help them achieve their version of the American dream.

Tahoe Immigration Law focuses exclusively on immigrant's needs. What sets us apart from other law firms is our holistic approach to family immigration. Our services include legal representation, the creation of safety plans for undocumented immigrants and their families, assisting with translation, and community education and outreach. We provide a safe haven and resource center for all people immigrating to the United States of America. In the rural communities surrounding the California-Nevada Tahoe region services are scarce and funding is minimal. Our services are where quality meets affordability. Our staff is where professionalism meets compassion.

Immigrants make America stronger. Immigrants play a leading role in the history and future of building the most prosperous nation in the world. In a time where it seems our great country has forgotten our immigrant roots, we have renewed our commitment to welcoming immigrants into their communities. Join us in creating a compassionate, loving, and diverse community to thrive in. 


Small changes with a big difference

Immigrants are vital to the backbone of our community and economy. Our law firm treats people how we like to be treated. Our attorney is focused on building a strong foundation of trust and respect with each person who walks through our doors. Tahoe Immigration Law puts the family first. We strive to create a healing and supportive environment for our clients, and welcome you to stop by for a visit! 



Meet the real world heroes

Amber Reinholdt, Esq.

Amber is a California native who is passionate about contributing to living in a richly diverse and compassionate community. She is a tenacious and personable immigration attorney who zealously advocates for client's rights.

Karla Alcaraz Mendoza

Karla was raised in South Lake Tahoe since she was eight years old and comes from an immigrant family. Karla enjoys helping others and it fills her heart with joy when she can assist with reuniting an immigrant family in the USA.